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Servants of the Word

Servants of the Word (SOW) is a Christian College located in The Gambia, dedicated to serving the church by training gospel workers in disciple-making and expository preaching.

SOW offers part-time training at a centre in Fajara, and a one year full-time residential course at the purpose built campus in Tubakuta. The training includes:

  • Expository preaching to equip students with the necessary tools for biblical interpretation, the theology and practice of preaching, book-by-book analysis of a wide range of Bible books, and lots of practical experience preparing and delivering sermons and talks.
  • The key principles of disciple-making, inductive Bible study and scripture memorisation based on The Lord’s Harvest material written by the Navigators. Part of ‘Every servant being a disciple and a disciple-maker.’
  • ‘Explore the Bible’ module set and marked by George Whitefield College in South Africa to provide an overview of how the whole Bible fits together.
  • Practical and theoretical knowledge in the area of church planting, including the Biblical foundation of mission, issues in 21st century mission, alternative mission strategies, and the concept of church planting. Students are given practical experience in outreach, helping to establish a church plant or house fellowship.
  • Every Tubakuta student will also learn how to support their ministry with subsistence farming, based on the Farming God’s Way approach to sustainable farming.
  • Other programs will be offered from time to time to further equip students to serve the local church and the community, including Administration, Children’s & Youth work, Evangelism, Understanding Islam, and Women’s Ministry.