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Friends International

I work with Friends International, an organisation that seeks to reach into the nations with the
Gospel by welcoming, supporting and sharing God’s love with international students who come to
the UK and Ireland to study. While some students come as Christian believers and we love to help
them to grow while here, many come from countries where Gospel witness is seriously restricted by
society, politics or other religion. Every year, as we work with churches, Christian Unions and local
Christian volunteers to provide activities, trips and events which will support and befriend the
students, there are thousands who encounter the Gospel for the first time. We welcome and love
students from all faiths or none but where there is interest, we enthusiastically – yet sensitively –
help students towards faith in Jesus. As students from around the world come to faith, we then need
to prepare them well for going home, to help them to stand on their feet once they have returned. 

I am hugely grateful to the John James Charitable Trust for their support of the part I play in Friends
International’s vision, “To see international students transformed by the good news of Jesus so that
they fully engage with the mission of the church in the world.”